Beneath our ordinary world lies a place of eternal eclipse, a place all evil creatures have been banned to: This is Brimstone.

MOOD and established hollywood writer Will Simmons have teamed up on yet another cinematic novel, with a unique combination of a written novel and illustration.

Here's a couple of images I worked on for the book. -- hope you like it :o)

Jan ditlev header images brim
Jan ditlev c02 01 ferry 02
Jan ditlev c07 09 gomorraharrives 01
Jan ditlev c06 09 oriaxattacking 02
Jan ditlev c06 10 gorgon 02
Jan ditlev c06 07 city attack04
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Jan ditlev c09 01 tempest 02
Jan ditlev c09 04 gorgon 02
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